Glass Pool Fence Installation

When installing a new swimming pool, you’ll also have to install pool fencing around your pool. At present, glass pool fencing is a hot and trending choice, as it provides safety and durability and is visually appealing. Nevertheless, there are safety requirements and glass pool fence regulations in Sydney that you need to adhere to when installing a glass fence panel.

Do All Swimming Pools Require Fences?

As per the prevailing regulations, any pool area that is more profound than thirty centimetres and is used for swimming, wading, and bathing should be enclosed by a safety barrier, which can be a fence or wall at least 1.2 metres in height. It includes conventional swimming pools, spas and inflatable pools.

If you’re living in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, swimming pool fence requirements fall under the Australian standard AS1926-2012. Nevertheless, if you reside in New South Wales and your spa has a lockable lid that can be locked when not in use, you’re exempt from installing a pool fence around your spa.

What Are the Pool Fencing Requirements in NSW?

 Here are the pool fencing requirements that you need to follow:

  • The pool fence should have at least 1.2m in height.
  • Any parallel bars must be spaced at least 90cm apart to safeguard children from climbing the fence.
  • Space between bars shouldn’t be over 10cm.
  • The fence should be in good working condition and maintained well.
  • The space around the swimming pool should not contain ladders, chairs, BBQs, trees etc., as these features facilitate climbing.
  • You should fix warning signs on the pool fence and gate and put up a CPR sign that anyone can easily read from a distance of 3m.

What Are the NSW Requirements for the Pool Gate?

The pool gate is a vital part of your pool fence design, so make sure you install a compliant gate.

 Here are the major pool gates requirements:

  • The gate should have an automatic closing feature with a self-latch.
  • The gate should always swing outwards and should be far from the pool.
  • It is essential to replace the springs and lubricate the hinges, latches and locks to avert risky faults.
  • Make sure the gate is not propped open.

What Are the Pool Safety Requirements That I Need to Follow?

If you live in NSW, you must follow different pool fencing requirements depending on the site’s construction date. If you have constructed your pool after 1st August 1990 and before 1st July 2010 and have a property below 230 sqm or over 2 hectares or a waterfront, you may not require fencing. Nevertheless, if you have constructed your pool after 1st July 2010, it must have a fence that separates the swimming pool from your house.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t adhere to the glass pool fence regulations, it will increase the likelihood of an accident waiting to occur and attract fines. To ensure the safety of those around the pool, you must install an appropriate fence.

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