The Superiority of Glass Balustrades Over Other Balustrade Types

Choose glass balustrades for their numerous advantages over other balustrade types. Whether you’re a builder, fabricator, or property owner planning a balustrade project, consider the durability, customisation, and elegance of glass balustrades. These versatile structures come with various accessories like stainless steel handrails, railings, and panel inserts.  Glass balustrades complement various spaces, including balconies, patios, decks,… Read More

How Does Commercial Spaces Benefit from Frameless Glass?

Commercial Frameless Glass Installation

There’s nothing quite like the modern elegance of frameless glass interiors. With their seamless, transparent beauty, glass elements add a unique blend of style and functionality to commercial spaces. Incorporating frameless glass can change your commercial zone into an active, welcoming environment that inspires creativity, teamwork, and innovation.  At Glass and Fencing Warehouse, we offer… Read More

Should You Choose a Glass Stair Railing for Your Home?

Glass Stair Railing

Are you renovating your existing home or constructing a new house? Integrating a glass stair railing can bring a touch of sophistication to your home’s interior. You may have observed glass stair railings in commercial buildings; however, they can effortlessly mix with the design of any contemporary residential property. Here, we’ll go over the benefits… Read More

How Safe Are Glass Staircases & Glass Pool Fences?

Glass Staircases and Pool Fencing

Glass staircases or glass balustrades are made using tempered or laminated safety glass. Both glass types are very safe to use in staircases though they have somewhat different properties. They are robust and safer than other ordinary staircase materials. What About the Safety of Glass Staircases? Glass treads and balustrades are robust and shatterproof. They… Read More

Install Glass Balustrades on Decking to Enjoy Spring & Summer

Decking Glass Balustrades

Spring has set in and gives a feeling that summer is not very far. As warmer days are fast approaching, which will give us longer days and we’ll spend more of our time in the outdoor area of our homes. So it’s the best time to prepare your garden, allowing you to enjoy your outdoors… Read More