Glass Railings Vs Aluminium Railings: Which One to Choose?

Glass Railings V/s. Aluminium Railings

Railings offer stability and must be mounted for safety, especially if you have elderly, young children, and people with disabilities. And some people like to walk by the railings, gently holding them by their hand for extra support and balance as they pass through. Glass and metal railings (aluminium, steel and wrought iron) are the… Read More

Is Frameless or Framed Glass Balustrades Best for Your Home?

Frameless or Framed Glass Balustrades

Are you undertaking a full-fledged house renovation project or going for a quick makeover for your home? Glass balustrades are something you should consider to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your home. They are easy to clean and maintain, look stunningly beautiful, give clear views, and are durable.  If you’re considering installing glass balustrades… Read More

What Types of Glass Best Suited for Balustrading?

Types of Glasses for Balustrading

Property developers and homeowners select glass balustrading for residential and commercial properties due to its overall build quality and contemporary visual appeal. Here are the different types of glasses available for balustrading: Annealed Laminated Safety Glass Annealed laminated safety glass contains two pieces of ordinary glass connected to a plastic interlayer. When laminated safety glass cracks, the… Read More

Frameless Glass Vs Aluminium Pool Fencing: What’s Your Pick?

Frameless Glass Vs. Aluminium Pool Fencing

Whether you select frameless glass or aluminium fencing for your pool, ensure it complies with the state regulations to provide the ultimate protection for your pool area. With pool fencing, you can beautify your space and boost the value of your home. Pool fences are available in diverse designs and styles, and you will have… Read More

Top 5 Glass Balustrade Installation Ideas for Home

Glass Balustrade Installation

Glass balustrades provide sleek barriers that can enhance your living spaces instantly. They strike the perfect balance of style and functionality, blending visually appealing looks with robust and durable materials. Glass balustrade installation by experts can upgrade any old balustrades in your home and make them more functional, elegant, and welcoming. You can install glass… Read More