Pool Fencing Sydney

Frameless Glass

Our frameless glass products offer an unobstructed panorama of the outdoors, while still providing a boundary to ensure the safety of your family. Our frameless glass makes the perfect choice for a pool fence, with the uninterrupted pool views serving as the perfect backdrop for our hot Australian summers.

At Glass & Fencing Warehouse, we stock an extensive inventory of affordable frameless glass in our Sydney Warehouse, and all of our materials are 100% compliant with Australian safety standards. We only stock the highest quality frameless glass products, ensuring your pool fence and balustrades will retain their premium look for many years to come.

Our team of professional installers service from Newcastle to Wollongong and everywhere in between, including all of the Sydney Metro and Greater Sydney regions. We also provide local delivery and interstate shipping for anyone wishing to complete their own home improvement project or DIY job.

Semi Frameless Glass

Semi-Frameless Glass has quickly become a popular choice for pool fences and is a chic and stylish alternative to traditional metal fencing. 

Our semi-frameless glass pool fencing is suitable for more than just pools. Our products can be installed anywhere in your house, such as the balcony or staircase, to enhance its aesthetic.

At Glass & Fencing Warehouse, all of our materials are of the ultimate quality, ensuring durability and premium appearance for years to come. All of our products are Australian certified, and we stock an extensive range in our Sydney warehouse at the very best prices.

Our expert team of professional installers and tradespeople service all of Greater Sydney and all the way up to Newcastle and down to Wollongong and are happy to consult on a custom solution for your pool or project. Local delivery is also provided, and shipping is available nation-wide, meaning you can access the highest quality pool fencing and balustrading products in the industry from anywhere in Australia.

Tubular Fencing

Even with the emergence of frameless glass pool fencing, tubular aluminium fencing is still a popular choice for its durability, strength and traditional aesthetic. Tubular fencing is also a very cost-effective option for your pool, garden or property.

Our tubular fencing solutions are made from long-lasting materials and require very little cleaning or maintenance.

Our team of professional installers service from Newcastle to Wollongong and everywhere in between, including all of Sydney. If you prefer a DIY job or live outside NSW, our tubular fencing solutions are relatively easy to install, and local delivery and interstate shipping are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool fencing prices are calculated based on the linear metre. Materials price may vary by the location and the experience of the installer. In some instances, materials price may be based on linear foot. At Glass and Fencing Warehouse, we provide a free measure and quote for pool fencing.

At Glass and Fencing Warehouse, we specialise in glass fence and tubular aluminium pool fencing. Glass includes frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing.

Whether you install glass fencing on your pool or garden, it requires low maintenance, and you need to clean it only occasionally to keep it pristine and shiny.

The standard height of a pool fence is 1200mm, and the gaps around each panel can differ between 10 and 100mm maximum. Nonetheless, arranging the panel gaps between 40-60mm is the most common, as the supporting spigots clasp each panel 50mm from the ground.

All glass pool fencing we supply either fulfils or exceeds Australian standards.

It will depend on your fence requirements and where you live (the location). You can anticipate delivery of your pool fence between two and four weeks. However, the delivery duration may change depending on other factors, such as a shortage of material or other undesirable circumstances.

Glass pool fencing is mainly clear, but you will get colour choices for posts or the fixings. Stainless steel and black are the most common colours; however, you’ll get any powder coating colour you prefer. 

  • Semi-frameless glass fencing should have a minimum of 10mm thickness, and frameless glass fencing panels should have a minimum of 12mm thickness.
  • The widths of glass panels may differ by design, but a frameless pool fence will consist of glass panels between 850 and 1800mm wide.
  • The height of glass pool fencing should have a minimum of 1200mm to adhere to the safety standards.
All pool gates should have safe access and minimise the risk of undesirable entry. You must fulfil the below requirements to adhere to Australian standards:
  • Gates should open away from the pool area.
  • The gate latch must be fitted on the poolside.
  • The latch must be fitted a minimum of 1200mm from the ground up for glass fencing.
  • Gates should automatically close by themselves.

We have contractors for commercial fencing who have the expertise and knack for accomplishing commercial pool fencing projects and can work on any project size and complete on time.

Should you have any other questions not explained here, please call us on (02) 9627 9500, and our professional and friendly staff will assist you. Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry using our contact us or quote request form on our website.