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Aluminium Pool Fencing Sydney

Why Choose Aluminium Pool Fences?

Minimal Maintenance Required

Due to the rust-resistant nature of aluminium and durable powder paint coating, aluminium pool fencing requires little to no maintenance.

Cost-Effective Solution

Opting for aluminium pool fences is a cost-effective solution compared to glass alternatives. Other materials like metal and wood often require regular upkeep, adding expenses. With minimal maintenance requirements, aluminium fences are a budget-friendly choice in the long run.

Variety of Colours

Aluminium fencing offers a wide range of colour options so that pool owners can match their existing outdoor style. Different fixtures, including ornamental gates and picket tops, provide more freedom to customise the fence’s appearance.

Durable & Versatile

Durability is vital in pool fencing, and aluminium surpasses this aspect. Pool owners can choose from various grades, which offer different levels of strength. Lightweight aluminium fences suit commercial and residential pools, while higher-grade options provide enhanced protection, especially for children.

Black Aluminium Pool Fences
Aluminium Pool Fencing Sydney

Why Choose Glass and Fencing Warehouse for Your Aluminium Pool Fencing Needs?

Expert Installation & Advice

Our team of Glass and Fencing Warehouse specialists is dedicated to supplying and installing high-quality aluminium pool fences. We provide expert advice to help you select the perfect fence that meets your needs regarding quality, safety, appearance and cost.

Compliance with Australian Standards

Glass & Fencing Warehouse complies with all relevant NSW regulations for supplying and installing aluminium pool fences, giving you peace of mind. We have successfully helped many clients across the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney Metro, Greater Sydney, and the rest of NSW to obtain pool compliance certificates.

A One-Stop Shop for Pool Fencing Needs

Glass and Fencing Warehouse offers comprehensive services to meet all your pool fencing needs. Our skilled professionals install aluminium pool fences and provide compliance inspections and repairs. We are your one-stop destination for stunning fences, installation, pool compliance certificates, and ensuring pool safety.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Many of our happy customers have referred and recommended Glass & Fencing Warehouse. We prioritise client satisfaction and strive to deliver quality products, prompt services, and short lead times. Our testimonials speak for our trustworthiness and reliability.

Get inspired by our stunning gallery showcasing our previous works with exceptional craftsmanship!

Tubular Pool Fencing
Aluminium Tubular Fencing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation time for aluminium pool fencing varies based on the site. Typically, it takes one day, but larger or custom jobs may require additional time for measuring and installation.
Aluminium fencing is backed by ten years warranty covering the structural integrity and powder coating. *Conditions Apply.
You can easily cut the aluminium panels we supplied using a hack saw or a grinder with a 1mm cutting blade. The cut end will be concealed within the fence brackets for a seamless finish.

The type of posts needed depends on the location where you want to install them:

  • For natural ground installation, in-ground posts are suitable. You will need one 1800h in-ground post for standard fence panels and one 2100h for the gate latch.
  • For concrete or tiled surfaces, flanged posts are recommended. You will need one 1300h flanged post for standard fence panels and one 1600h flanged post for the gate latch.

You’ll require the following accessories to complete your aluminium pool fence installation:

  • Panel Brackets: You’ll require four-panel brackets per standard panel (Six-panel brackets for double-top rail styles). They are available in a convenient four-pack.
  • Mounting Post: You’ll require a 1600h flanged post or a 2100h in-ground post for installing the TriLatch.
  • Pool Gates: Self-closing pool hinges are essential for pool gates. We highly recommend the G8Safe TriLatch and one pack of G8Safe pool hinges, which are considered the best and safest options.

You must have these accessories for installing a secure and functional aluminium pool fence.

Do you want to secure your pool in style? We recommend durable and sleek aluminium pool fencing. Enquire at (02) 9627 9500 and redefine safety with modern elegance.