Glass Pool Safety Tips

Summer is the best season to enjoy swimming and get the most out of your pool. Your pool helps you to relax with your family, stay safe and get the stress of the pandemic situation behind. No alternative gets close to this, especially when you have proper pool fencing and follow all pool safety tips.

Here are some vital pool safety tips to ensure the most enjoyable summertime activity is gratifying and safe. If you have children around the pool, then glass pool fencing is highly recommended, and it must adhere to the NSW fencing requirements.

Essential Pool Safety Tips

  1. Observe how the child is swimming, which will help identify the risks, and a timely rescue operation can be attempted.
  2. Keep watch on children when they are in or around the pool. The best way to do this is to remain around them or install glass pool fencing so that your vision isn’t obstructed at any time. Ensure there is a designated person who is monitoring to avert any lapses.
  3. If a child can’t swim, equip them with a proper personal flotation device. And keep fun toys, such as water wings away, as they are not made for keeping children safe.
  4. Accessories such as a flotation device, first aid kit, mobile phone and a pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing if need be, should be easily accessible.
  5. If you own a pool, facilitate all family members to take swimming lessons so that the pool will be used optimally.
  6. You should have at least one person who is very good at swimming.
  7. To avoid entrapment, remain away from pool drains, pipes and other openings.
  8. To avert any unwanted problems, place signs where needed.
  9. If you find someone missing, always search for them in the pool first.
  10. Share the safety instructions with family, neighbours and friends.
  11. Make sure your pool has drain covers adhering to the standards.
  12. When the pool is not in use, use a safety cover.
  13. Get pool and gate alarms installed, so it alerts you when anyone goes near the water with the help of motion detection systems.
  14. Take lessons for performing CPR on children and adults and keep updating this skill regularly. It is a vital life skill that will help you beyond swimming.
  15. Get the pool fencing installation done from a trusted pool fencing company in Sydney that complies with government regulations.

Here are the Common Myths Surrounding Glass Pool Fencing Safety:

Glass pool fencing is not robust & won’t last: Glass pool fencing is very durable and lasting than most other materials. Furthermore, they don’t corrode, so they are perfect for the changing weather conditions in Sydney. Besides, they don’t accumulate debris or dirt, and it is easier to clean and maintain glass pool fences.

Glass pool fences can break easily: Glass pool fences are made using toughened glass, which is thicker and stronger than your regular glass material. If a tree accidentally falls on the glass pool fence, it is engineered to break into small pieces and won’t break into sharp, uneven pieces.

Other materials are more sturdy & reliable: Glass pool fences and balustrades have a simple appearance, but their structure is more reliable and sturdier than many other complex materials. Furthermore, the surface of the glass fence being ultra-smooth, little ones will find it extremely difficult to climb over it. And the clear vision that the glass fence provides makes it easier for you to see the kids at all times while they are having a great time in the pool.

The Bottom Line

If you’re having a swimming pool or thinking of building one, then you must think about pool safety first. Contact us at Glass & Fencing Warehouse today on 02 9627 9500 or request a quote online, and let’s discuss your glass pool fencing requirements, so you can get the most out of your pool and enjoy your swimming!

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