decking glass balustrades

Spring has set in and gives a feeling that summer is not very far. As warmer days are fast approaching, which will give us longer days and we’ll spend more of our time in the outdoor area of our homes. So it’s the best time to prepare your garden, allowing you to enjoy your outdoors during the summer. 

Many Sydney homeowners prefer to install glass balustrades on their decking to revive their outdoor living area. The weather remains milder from September through November, and many Sydney dwellers prefer eating outside during this period. Conversely, many households may not have an idea about how they should use their outdoor decking area.

At Glass and Fencing Warehouse, we help our customers design their garden or deck railings to match their garden or decking features seamlessly. This blog will show how we can help you prepare your decking for the approaching summer using our modish and appealing glass balustrades.

The Design for Glass Balustrade

Are you thinking of using glass for the railing? Well, you need to take into account your decking area to determine the best pairings for the ultimate visual appeal. Various glass balustrades are further divided into the following styles: 

  • Post and Clamp
  • Frameless Glass 

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass provides a contemporary and sleek look that you’ll notice in office buildings. A perfect choice to pair with decking, facilitating an unhindered view. The frameless glass balustrades are sturdy and can withstand the rising salt and moisture in the air without eroding, causing wear and tear or developing rust on the metal. Frameless glass blends well with tile or stone decking, making the space feel modish and functional when you use the outdoors to cook or dine.

Post and Clamp

The post & clamp balustrades are somewhat traditional, and you can use them with decking, which renders a neat and functional space. It rarely requires structural work, so it has a quicker installation time and is easy to maintain and update. Nevertheless, the post & clamp are perfect for landlocked climates but are not suitable for areas near the coastal region.

Installing Glass Balustrades on Your Decking 

If you want to install glass railings on metal, wood or stone, you should make sure you have everything ready, including glass panels, posts, handrails, as well as, fixtures, fixing plates, drills, screws, screwdrivers and glass clamps.

Crucial post & clamp installation stages include mounting the posts and glass panels and fitting the handrail. Whereas mounting frameless glass balustrades for decking has a different procedure altogether for installation.

An extra feature, like innovative lighting, can lend final touches to your glass railings and prepare your decking for summer. You can choose LED lights (with motion-sensor) that trigger by movement or go with in-floor lighting that you can install in the decking area.

Need inspirational ideas for designing glass balustrades or mounting your glass railings on the decking area and rendering final touches? Feel free to call us at Glass & Fencing Warehouse at (02) 9627 9500 or get a quote today!

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