Glass Railings

Railings offer stability and must be mounted for safety, especially if you have elderly, young children, and people with disabilities. And some people like to walk by the railings, gently holding them by their hand for extra support and balance as they pass through.

Glass and metal railings (aluminium, steel and wrought iron) are the most popular types used in the construction industry. The properties of aluminium make aluminium railings the most preferred metal railings. Glass railings are contemporary because they look stunningly beautiful and offer maximum security.

Here we will look at the differences between aluminium and glass railings, which will help you choose a suitable railing for your home:

Glass Railings: Ultra-Modern & Aesthetically Appealing

The glass railings provide ultra-modern looks that are aesthetically appealing, which you can select for your home or office building. New construction projects consider glass railings to get a sleek and clean design that oozes out the feel of spaciousness. The extensive range of glass modification options for the glass panels helps accomplish distinctive modelling of the final design. The glass railings can make a unified mount where the aluminium base is entirely hidden, and only the glass is visible. This kind of railing mount substantially boosts the strength of the construction, providing a clean design. 

Use Glass Railings Without Mounting Handrails

Handrails are mandatory for aluminium railings but are not a prerequisite for installing glass railings. Handrails are more like an accessory for glass railings. With glass railings, you can get a clean design where only the glass panels are visible. The glass panel’s edges are polished, guaranteeing their safety so you can use glass railing without handrails. If the client requires, handrails can be added, enhancing the toughness of glass railings. Vertical aluminium columns having glass panels aren’t glass railings.

Glass Railings Are Robust & Sturdier Than Aluminium Railing

As far as durability and strength are concerned, glass railings can tolerate considerably higher usage loads. This variance comes from the strength of the toughened laminated glass used for glass balustrades, and because glass railings are installed with 4 screws per meter, it requires one screw per 25 centimetres. Conversely, aluminium railings are typically installed and held in place with screws maintaining a 70 to 80 centimetres gap between each column. Per this reasoning, glass railings are 3 to 4 times more robust than aluminium railings.

Glass Railings Use Point System to Secure the Glass

The main benefit of glass railings is that they can use the point system to secure the glass. It is accomplished with the aid of special glass holders, referred to as spiders. Glass railings are made of stainless steel and can be used with all types of glass panel thicknesses, making them an ideal choice for diverse projects that demand side mounting of the railings.

The Safer Railing for Use Case

In the design of aluminium railings, gaps and longer distances often pose a risk to children and pets. They can often slip in between the gaps in the railing, or their body parts can get trapped. In comparison, glass panels don’t have significant gaps to pose a danger.

Aluminium Railings Mostly Use Vertical Aluminium Column

Aluminium railings predominantly use vertical aluminium columns, which restricts the design possibilities. In comparison, the glass railings use aluminium profiles (bases), glass holders, and stainless steel columns with side and top mounting.


Aluminium and glass railings require minimal maintenance; however, glass balustrades require little more care for cleaning the glass every few months.

Aluminium Railings Are for the Budget Conscious

Aluminium railings cost less than glass railings. The price difference comes from the components used to make the railing.

Voila, the critical differences between the two most popular types of railings, glass and aluminium! 

Final Words

  • Glass railings are often the first choice for new buildings; however, they are also considered for private projects of diverse sizes and renovations. 
  • Aluminium railings are also a popular option, as they are easier to install, but they have a subtle design and are less reliable than glass railings.
  • The selection of railings depends on the final design outcome the client wants to achieve or the budget assigned to the project. 

At Glass & Fencing Warehouse, we can help you choose the best glass railing for your project. With an extensive range of systems, we can offer you a solution for your project, staying within your budget restrictions. Request a balustrade installation quote online or call us on (02) 9627 9500 today!

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