Tips to Clean and Maintain Glass Pool Fences & Balustrades

Do you have frameless glass pool fencing or glass balustrades? Well, you know how vital it is to keep them clean so that you can reap the most value out of the features. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor glass balustrade or glass fencing surrounding your pool, they add refinement and elegance instantly to your indoors or outdoors. When glass gets dirty, it gets easily noticeable. Whether it is smudged fingerprints or trailed dirt left by rain, you want to ensure the removal of all marks after cleaning glass pool fences & balustrades so that your outdoor area keeps looking flawless.

Material You Should Have:

  • You will need a sponge or microfibre cloth for getting rid of dirt and streak without leaving any marks behind.
  • A crumpled-up newspaper is better than a paper towel.
  • Water is often the best option for liquid cleaning; however, you will get good glass cleaners in the market.

Cleaning Solution

  • If you want to use a natural homemade cleaning solution, take 1-part of vinegar and 4-part of water in a bowl.
  • And if you have a vacant spray bottle, fill it and shake the contents. Also, you can add some rubbing alcohol for more effectiveness.
  • You can easily clean glass without using harsh or expensive chemicals.
  • Use distilled water, if possible, as it will not leave marks on the glass once it dries up. Normal (unfiltered) water contains natural chemicals, and so it can leave marks on the glass once it dries up.

The Cleaning Procedure

  • You have the material and cleaning solution ready now. Spray your microfibre cloth with the solution and then rub the glass surface with it.
  • Begin with circular motions to remove the marks, then use horizontal swipes to get a consistent and clear surface.
  • It’s easier to clean frameless glass structures because the cloth can move through the corners.
  • You will need a cotton swab or toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach surfaces of glass frames.
  • After wiping the surface with the sprayed towel, use a crumpled-up newspaper or another dry cloth to wipe the glass dry.
  • Glass is amongst the elite and easy to maintain building structures available.

What is the Best Time to Clean Your Outdoor Glass Fencing or Glass Balustrades?

You should select a day not very hot, or in the morning hours or late in the afternoon, or on an overcast day. That’s because the hot sun can cause water to evaporate quickly, leaving behind unpleasant smears and streaks. And when you’re cleaning indoor glass balustrades, the time of day doesn’t matter but ensure it is not very hot inside and direct sunlight is shining onto the glass when you want to clean it.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning glass pool fences and balustrades and maintaining them is imperative for cleanliness and hygiene purposes, and it looks visually appealing.

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