Glass Balustrades for Homes & Businesses

Choose glass balustrades for their numerous advantages over other balustrade types. Whether you’re a builder, fabricator, or property owner planning a balustrade project, consider the durability, customisation, and elegance of glass balustrades. These versatile structures come with various accessories like stainless steel handrails, railings, and panel inserts. 

Glass balustrades complement various spaces, including balconies, patios, decks, mezzanines, pool areas, and staircases in Sydney’s diverse property designs, and they are ideal for residential and commercial properties.

Let’s uncover the core advantages of glass balustrades:

Natural Lighting and Scenic Views

Uninterrupted views are possible with glass balustrades. Additionally, it enables the filtration of natural light into a space, creating a warmer and brighter environment. The transparency of glass allows you to see the rest of your property while serving as a safety barrier. 

Furthermore, it imparts a sense of spaciousness to smaller areas. Glass also introduces an exciting element to a property.

Modern Style

Whether in modern or traditional residences, glass railings paired with stainless steel hardware offer a stylish appearance. Glass radiates elegance, visual appeal, and simplicity.

It effortlessly harmonises with a property’s existing interior and exterior decor. 

The aesthetic and practical advantages of combining glass with stainless steel increase the elegance of your home.

Easy to Maintain

Glass balustrades are ideal for interior and exterior space installation. A simple wipe with a suitable glass cleaning agent is typically necessary to remove cobwebs, dirt, and dust. Furthermore, the hardware used is resistant to rust, resulting in minimal maintenance. 

Glass balustrade installation adhering to local regulations won’t encounter significant maintenance challenges. In contrast to plaster, concrete, and wooden fences, you won’t have to oil or paint the glass.


In contrast to plaster and wooden fences, glass exhibits resistance to peeling, staining, fading, tarnishing, or warping. Combining stainless-steel hardware and glass ensures robustness and strength, offering a secure solution. These features make frameless glass balustrades an excellent choice for any property owner seeking to enhance long-term value. 

If you’re contemplating selling your property, glass railings can attract higher bids due to their inherent quality, durability, and added value.

Customisation is Possible

Glass & Fencing Warehouse provides a choice of glass panels for balustrades, available in either 10mm or 12mm thickness. Additionally, we offer stainless steel balustrade accessories with a choice between a mirrored or stained finish.

Various options for stainless steel balustrade handrails are available, including slotted tubes in rectangular, square, or round designs. Our inventory includes extensive spigots, stand-offs, and mounting brackets. It ensures that you can discover customised options to match your preferences.

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At Glass & Fencing Warehouse, we maintain a stock of high-quality glass panels and balustrade hardware. We manufacture balustrades using toughened safety glass, emphasising durability and safety.

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