Glass Railing Mounting Types

Beautifying your property or home with glass-mounted fixtures on fences, rails, and balconies is an excellent way to achieve a sophisticated facade. This modern and luxurious touch significantly boosts the overall value of your home. Whether you aim to install glass railing on your staircases, create a seamless pool fence, or construct a contemporary balcony, the first step is choosing the ideal glass mount option for your luxe fit-out.

Explore our range, which includes spigot mounts, aluminium channels, and side-fixed glass, allowing you to create interiors that match your vision. Whether building from the ground up or undergoing architectural redesigns, our team can assist you with unique and aesthetically pleasing designs tailored to your preferences.

Spigot Mounting for Glass Fixtures

Spigot mounts offer a sleek solution for securing plate glass to your stairs or floor, suspending the glass from the bottom with a robust clamp, eliminating the need for visible frames. When opting for this installation method, it’s essential to consider the surrounding architecture and other complementary design elements in the vicinity. Despite their streamlined design, spigot mounts have a substantial profile. Contact us at Glass & Fencing Warehouse to uncover the diverse spigot finish options available.

Spigot mounts are designed for holding large panes of glass individually, creating a stylish fence for your home or property. The deliberate small gap between each joint imparts the illusion of floating glass, offering an instantly modern aesthetic. However, this design may result in a less airtight fence, allowing the passage of dirt, dust, or debris. While this is not a concern for indoor installations, it’s a factor for outdoor designs. Along with a glamorous finish and practical considerations, make sure what else you desire from mounted glass rails. 

Side Fixed Glass

Side-mounted glass is a mounting system that secures the side of a glass panel to an overhang using a stainless or coloured fixture. These fixtures can enhance the overall aesthetics when harmonised with the tones of surrounding materials near the fence. While spigots offer a sleeker profile without protruding mounts, standoff glass provides more interior space within the installation. This type is particularly well-suited for stairs, as it doesn’t compromise any space inside the enclosed area.

Aluminium Channels

Aluminium Channels for Glass Railing

This mounting method involves inserting glass into aluminium slots and securing it to the floor. It ensures a smooth transition with a floor-to-wall glass application like frames or rails. This design facilitates unhindered views and easy cleaning, making it suitable for balconies or clients aiming to minimise visible stainless steel. It doesn’t have gaps and offers more excellent coverage than suspended frames, and aluminium channels serve as an excellent means to improve the architectural allure of your property. 

Much like spigot mounts create the illusion of floating glass panels; this mounting technique creates an utterly frameless profile. Our team can guide you in choosing the right mounting solution that aligns with your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

Final Words

Achieving the desired aesthetics and practicality for your frameless glass design may necessitate different installation methods. At Glass & Frameless Warehouse, we offer three leading types of frameless installations to achieve a modern, sleek look that aligns with your budget and requirements. Whether you’re looking to install a balcony, railing, regular fence, or pool fence, we can assist you with the best fencing for your needs and provide a quote estimate.

Contact Glass & Fencing Warehouse for more detailed information on tailored glass balustrades to your property’s fencing needs in Sydney.

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