Glass Staircases

Glass staircases or glass balustrades are made using tempered or laminated safety glass. Both glass types are very safe to use in staircases though they have somewhat different properties. They are robust and safer than other ordinary staircase materials.

What About the Safety of Glass Staircases?

Glass treads and balustrades are robust and shatterproof. They are much more immune to damage than other staircase materials, such as metal that can rust or wood that can decay. It’s easy to clean and maintain them. Glass staircases can be made adhering to Australian standards. And you can add several safety features to your staircase for peace of mind. The installation cost can go up depending on your requirements, such as adding child-friendly features etc. Glass staircases that use glass treads, glass balustrades, or a blend of both are a fantastic way to create an appealing feature in your home. They can also resist more force and are not susceptible to damage over time.

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What Goes Into The Making Of Glass Pool Fences?

As per the law in NSW, every swimming pool must have a pool fence to safeguard young children from unsupervised access to avert any likely accidents waiting to happen. When it comes to pool fences, glass pool fencing is the preferred choice for many Aussie households and commercial properties as it is incredibly durable and visually appealing than other pool fences.

Typically, glass pool fences are made of toughened and tempered glass that ranges between 8mm to 12mm in thickness. Superior quality glass fences are fabricated to be nearly unbreakable and immune to substantial impacts due to their chemical and thermal attributes. Per the Australian Fencing Standard (AS 2820-1993), a glass pool fence should serve at least 10,000 cycles – that means you’ll use the glass for at least ten years when used for a residential or commercial pool. Frameless and semi-frameless are the two sought-after glass pool fences that homeowners usually select.

Glass Pool Fences

What Do The Australian Regulations Say About Glass Pool Fencing?

Regarding pool fencing, each Australian state has a different set of regulations. Here, we have put together current pool fence regulations that homeowners must abide by in NSW:

  • Maximum gap of 10cm at the bottom.
  • At least a height of 1.2m from the ground.
  • The impediment must be 1.8m high if a boundary fence is part of the pool fence.
  • Maximum gap of 10cm between any upright bars in the fence.
  • Horizontal climbable bars must have a gap of at least 90cm.
  • Mesh or pierced impediments must have holes of a maximum of 13mm for the fence having heights of 1.2m.
  • Mesh or pierced impediments of 1.8m in height with holes exceeding 13mm must not surpass 100mm.
  • And the pool fence must be functional and well-maintained.

Why Do Glass Pool Fences Blow Up?

Glass pool fences manufactured adhering to Australian standards have a meagre chance of blowing up. Glass pool fences made from tempered glass can tolerate temperatures above 200ᵒC. In the rare event that the fence breaks, it is configured to break into small cubes instead of sharp pieces.

What’s The Reason Behind The Breaking Of Glass Pool Fences?

  • Minute chips on the edges of the glass.
  • When the glass installed into a frame expands (there is no space for movement).
  • Very severe winds and inaccurate glass thickness.
  • Due to manufacturing imperfections.

Is Glass Pool Fences Safer Than Other Pool Fences?

Glass pool fences are not new and have been in use for decades, and are one of the reliable choices for pool safety, particularly for households with kids. Children can’t easily climb up the glass panels as it is slippery and has no tubular bars, which they can use as a foothold to climb. Glass pool fences are an excellent choice for pool owners who want to install or replace their pool fencing.

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