Whether you select frameless glass or aluminium fencing for your pool, ensure it complies with the state regulations to provide the ultimate protection for your pool area. With pool fencing, you can beautify your space and boost the value of your home. Pool fences are available in diverse designs and styles, and you will have to select between frameless glass and aluminium pool fencing. 

Here are some vital factors you need to consider before deciding between a glass and aluminium pool fence.

The Shine on Glass Pool Fencing Endures

Regardless of summer, winter or monsoon, glass is an ageless compound that won’t weaken with time and will have the same shine you enjoyed when you first installed it. Conversely, aluminium is susceptible to wear with time. 

Is Aluminium an Affordable Pool Fencing Option?

When looking for a durable pool fencing option, budget is another vital consideration on your list. Though aluminium pool fencing costs less, it does not get the shine and style of the frameless glass pool fence. Furthermore, tech advancements in manufacturing processes and logistics have made frameless glass pool fencing a more practical option. That means a stunning frameless glass from Glass & Fencing Warehouse has become a more viable alternative for pool fencing. And you’ll get what you pay-for! At Glass & Fencing Warehouse, our goal is to offer our clients premium quality products, easy on the pocket.

Safety is Vital

Give prominence to safety when selecting a particular style for your pool fence. Though Aluminium pool fencing clears all NSW compliance, it may not be as secure as the seamless face of frameless glass pool fencing. At Glass & Fencing, we recommend using an aluminium flat-top on the external edges of a pool fence, such as a garden or rough rocky slope where a glass panel is not a practical solution.

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Need Assistance! 

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