Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium pool fencing was seen on most of the pools in the years gone by, and it’s still hugely popular today because of its modest pricing and maintenance ease. If it’s time to replace your old pool fencing, consider glass pool fencing as it looks stylish, gives a clear view from both sides of your pool and is easy to maintain. And if you have bought a new home with an existing pool but the aluminium pool fencing looks dated, and you want to give it a new look, then consider glass pool fencing as it can entirely transform your pool area.

Why Select Glass Fencing for Your Pool?

Swimming pools in Australian homes require fencing for safety; however, that doesn’t mean the fence has to look unattractive or dull. Swimming pools and surrounding spaces are lovely places, and if you want to see the outside area when you’re in the pool, you’ll need to install glass fencing.

Choose a beautiful frameless glass pool fence for a visually appealing view. However, if you have a limited budget, you can opt for semi-frameless glass fencing. Both types of glass fencing will give you unobstructed views from inside and outside your swimming pool.

A glass pool fence will give a clear view and provide an ageless appeal. It adds a touch of class, sophistication and quality to any pool deck or yard. It doesn’t make sense if you hide your beautiful pool behind dull or unattractive fencing; instead, make your pool a visual delight by installing glass fencing.

Is Glass Fencing Safe?

The glass panels comprise toughened glass that adheres to Australian safety standards. The toughened glass is robust, hard to break, and sturdy enough to tolerate everything life and the elements can throw at them.

Final Words

Don’t think twice but consider frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing when replacing old aluminium pool fencing. Glass fencing is the right choice to achieve a visually appealing swimming pool that’s safe and secure.

If you need to install glass pool fencing in Sydney, contact Glass & Fencing Warehouse at (02) 9627 9500 or request a quote to get top-notch service and the best customer service. We supply and install glass pool fencing all over NSW. We provide affordable pricing for fencing and provide only Australian-certified products. We can transform your pool by replacing your exhausted old aluminium fence with a glass pool fence that looks stunningly beautiful and adds value to your home.

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