Glass Pool Fencing Thickness

A glass pool fence needs to be solid and sturdy to ensure safety around the pool area. The correct thickness is crucial, ensuring that the fence can withstand the elements, such as wind, impact, and UV rays. It also increases the likelihood of meeting Australian Standards and independent certification assessments.

Choosing the right glass fencing thickness can be challenging, as various types of glass and thickness options are available. So, we have created this blog to provide recommended specifications for frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing panels, information on the Australian Standard requirements, and suggestions from a professional installer to help you make an informed decision. However, if you want expert advice on the ideal thickness of glass pool fences, contact Glass & Fencing Warehouse today. Our expert and professional team can help you choose suitable glass fencing.

The Optimal Glass Thickness for Your Pool Fencing

If you plan to install a glass pool fence, you should know about the ideal glass thickness, which depends on the length of the fence and its height. Generally, the longer and taller the fence, the thicker the panels should be.

Thicker glass panels may cost more but offer greater peace of mind and security. Panels should be at least 12mm thick for frameless glass fencing, while semi-frameless glass fencing should be at least 10mm thick. Thinner panels between 6mm and 10mm may meet Australian Standards, but they’re more likely to break in the event of sudden impact or severe weather.

As for glass pool gate thickness, most gates are thinner than boundary panels, ranging between 8mm to 10mm. Thinner glass gates can be sturdy and durable, and you won’t have to pay for hinges and latches stronger than required.

When it comes to glass pool fencing, don’t compromise on safety. Choose the ideal glass thickness for your specific needs to ensure the long-term security of your pool area.

Australian Standard for Glass Pool Fencing

To comply with the Australian building requirements and safety standards, any swimming pool or spa deeper than 300mm must have a safety barrier around it to prevent unrestricted access. If you choose glass pool fencing, it must comply with the following:

  • AS 1926.1-2012 for Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools,
  • AS 1288-2006 for Glass in Buildings Selection and Installation, and
  • AS 2208-2006 for Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings.

According to the standards, the glass fence must be at least 1200mm high, and the gaps between each panel should be less than 100mm. In addition, the fence must be situated away from any objects or structures that can be used as a foothold to access the pool, forming a Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ). As most state and territory legislation requires, the NCZ should be at least 900mm outside the boundary of the pool fence.

By adhering to the Australian Standard for glass pool fencing, you can ensure the safety of your pool area and comply with the law.

Reach Out to Your Nearby Glass Pool Fencing Specialists

Ensuring that your glass pool fence is thick enough and meets the highest standards is crucial for the safety of your family and friends. Using a dependable, responsible, and licensed fencing installer for your glass pool fencing needs is recommended.

Glass & Fencing Warehouse has been providing design, supply, and installation services for glass pool fencing for both residential and commercial purposes for over 50 years now. We can ensure providing you with a safe pool barrier that fulfils your distinctive landscaping requirements.

To start the process, book an obligation-free site inspection today. One of our friendly local installers will visit your property, measure your pool area, recommend the best glass products, and provide a custom quote. However, there is no obligation to you to accept the quote.

Fill out the quote request form or call (02) 9627 9500 to enquire now! You can rely on us to provide a safe and appealing glass pool fence.

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