Glass Balustrade Mistakes

Balustrading has the power to augment the practicality and aesthetics of your home. However, this transformation depends entirely on selecting the right products. No homeowner desires to grapple with expensive maintenance problems from subpar installations or scarce material choices. Rushing through the process of selecting a glass balustrade is not recommended. 

Here, we’ll shed light on some common blunders and offer insights on how to avoid them. Avoid these pitfalls and ensure a seamless experience purchasing glass balustrades from Glass and Fencing Warehouse, and enjoy promising years of dependable service.

Selecting Low-Cost Option

The age-old wisdom of “you get what you pay for” holds for various purchases we make in life, and glass panels are no exception. Several factors contribute to the overall cost of glass balustrades, including quality, safety standards, research and development investments, durability, warranty coverage, installation, and delivery. While cheaper alternatives may seem appealing, they often lack warranties and are prone to premature failure or costly maintenance needs.

Glass railings offer extensive customisation options, prompting the need for a realistic budget that aligns with your stylistic preferences and safety requirements. Before allocating funds for customisation, begin by identifying essential features, such as compliance with state regulations for pool fences. Entrusting your project to a reputable establishment like Glass and Fencing Warehouse ensures confidence in acquiring a high-quality product that offers excellent value for your investment.

Giving More Importance to Aesthetics Over Safety

While aesthetically pleasing design is undoubtedly appealing, safety should be the foremost consideration for any glass balustrade. Individuals often focus excessively on visual appeal, overlooking critical safety features like fall prevention. Ensure your chosen balustrade is sufficiently high to serve as a protective barrier for both children and tall adults. Additionally, exercise caution when selecting a handrail to prevent the unintentional placement of objects on top. Choose balustrades with minimal gaps to mitigate potential risks if you have young children or pets.

Overlooking Maintenance Expenses

The widespread popularity of glass and aluminium railings can be attributed to their low maintenance requirements. In contrast, while aesthetically appealing, ornate timber balustrades involve significant maintenance costs. Prone to woodworm infestations and susceptible to marking and chipping, these timber structures pose challenges in finding skilled repair professionals.

While no balustrade system is entirely maintenance-free, the glass comes remarkably close. A simple wipe-down with soapy water is all it takes to restore its pristine appearance.

Opting to Self-Install Balustrade

While installing glass balustrades might seem straightforward, this isn’t always true. All glass balustrades must meet structural certification standards, adhere to Australian Standards and NCC legislation, and comply with strict installation requirements. Therefore, it’s vital to hand over the design, fabrication, and installation to experienced professionals. Stories of homeowners encountering mishaps such as broken glass panels or dangerously installed balustrades abound. The stress, inconvenience, and potential expense of DIY installations far outweigh the perceived savings. By selecting a reputable contractor to handle the installation, you ensure the job is done well precisely. Moreover, you’ll have comprehensive insurance coverage for any damages incurred during installation.

Ignoring Environmental Factors

Australia’s massive geographical area includes diverse climates and environmental conditions, necessitating careful consideration when selecting balustrade materials. For instance, people who live in the coastal area may require higher quality components to withstand salt and corrosion effects. Additionally, the salty air necessitates more frequent cleaning of glass panels.

Moreover, the unique architectural style of your residence grabs attention. In older or traditionally designed homes, materials like glass or stainless steel may appear out of place; here, aluminium will be a more suitable choice—no need to hurry with your decision-making process. Evaluate your surroundings and decide which balustrade type will offer the most significant upgrade, ensuring optimal return on investment and long-term satisfaction.

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